Domestic LPG

Domestic LPG

    If your home isn’t connected to the mains gas network, J Gas can provide a reliable and efficient alternative. A gas storage tank lets you heat your home and hot water, and cook your meals, as if you have mains gas.


    If you don’t already have a gas storage tank on your property, we can take care of that too. And it’s all backed by the kind of service you would expect from one of the UK’s largest family owned LPG providers. Find out more about ordering a new tank.

    The J Gas top-up service

    There’s no extra charge for using the top-up service, and it saves you worrying about when you need to fill your tank.

    Our tanker driver will call on you on a regular basis, normally seven times each year, and check the levels in your tank. On each visit they’ll top up your tank to 85% of its full capacity — this allows for expansion of gas in the tank. If you’re using more, or less, gas than anticipated, we’ll simply adjust the delivery schedule to match. It’s that simple.

    Ordering a delivery

    Want to order gas when your tank runs low? We can help with that too. Just keep an eye on the gauge on your tank and give us a call whenever you need a refill. We recommend you don’t let the level fall below 20% in case you run out completely before we can deliver. The minimum delivery order is 700 litres.

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