These are some of the questions we’re asked most often by our customers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, get in touch with your usual Johnston Oils contact, or call us on 01506 656535.


    Q: Do your prices change when oil prices go up and down?
    A: Oil is a highly traded commodity, so oil prices can change rapidly. Like many other businesses, we’re affected by this volatility and we have to alter our prices, sometimes at short notice. However, when large price rises are imminent we try to alert our customers in advance so they can take advantage of the lowest prices.


    Q: Does the quantity I order affect the price per litre?
    A: Yes. So smaller orders – generally 500 litres or less – can be more expensive, due to fixed delivery costs. When you order larger volumes, you can expect the price per litre to gradually reduce. There are ways to manage your cost over a year, for example, you can order in larger quantities and set up a monthly payment plan so you don’t pay the full cost in advance.


    Q: Are there discounts available?
    A: We offer every customer our best price at all times. We think that’s the best way to be fair to everyone. Remember, ordering larger quantities can result in a lower price per litre, and you can spread this cost over a longer period.


    Q: How can I pay for heating oil?
    A: There are three different ways to pay:

    • Online — with a debit or credit card
    • By phone — call your local depot to pay by debit or credit card
    • Monthly payments – our monthly debit plan lets you spread the cost over the year. Contact us for more details.


    Q: What happens if I run out of oil?
    A: Contact your local depot as soon as possible. In emergencies, we always try to deliver on the next working day, although the weather can sometimes cause delays. The best way to avoid running out is to take our Top-up service.


    Q: I have a problem with my account, who can help?
    A: Please contact accounts on 01506 635 094.