Oil Payment Plans

Oil Payment Plans

Ordering home heating oil can leave you with some large bills to pay, however you can spread the cost of your annual home heating oil through our oil payment plans. The Johnston Oils payment plans operate on direct debit and allocate your annual fuel bill over 12 equal monthly payments making it far easier to manage your home heating oil budget.

Oil Payment Plan in 4 easy steps

  1. Work out how much heating oil you use on average each year. If you’re not entirely sure about how much oil you use each year then you can use our Fuel Usage Calculator Tool.
  2. Using our Johnston Oils Payment Plan Table, you will be able to estimate your monthly direct debit payment value.
  3. Complete the online form to apply for a Oil Payment Plan or give us a call
  4. Once everything is set up and you’re ready to order some home heating oil just call our friendly domestic team or login online to place an order.

Monthly Payment Plan Amounts

Quantity Per Year

Amount Per Month

500 – 1000 Ltrs £50 per month
1001 – 1500 Ltrs £70 per month
1501 – 2000 Ltrs £95 per month
2001 – 2500 Ltrs £115 per month
2501 – 3000 Ltrs £140 per month
3000+ Call us

** Please note these figures are only a guide and adjustments may be necessary. £50 is the minimum amount for a oil payment plan customer**

Oil Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Johnston Oils Payment Plans are only available to domestic customers/home owners. Existing customers who have already placed an order with Johnston Oils can go directly onto an oil payment plan. New customer to Johnston Oils would need to order and pay for their first order before applying for an oil payment plan. Oil prices do change every day, this is why we will review your Oil Payment Plan every 3 months to ensure you are not paying too much or too little to cover the cost of your annual oil consumption. We will not change your monthly payment value or date without informing you first. Figures displayed are an estimate and should be used only as a guide, all payments will be agreed with the customer before the first direct debit request.


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