Oil Club

Oil Clubs

An oil club is a group of people in a community who join together to buy heating oil at a cheaper price. 

Oil Club benefits

The main benefit of joining an Oil Club is cost. As part of a group buying oil in larger quantities, Johnston Oils can offer lower prices on home heating oil deliveries. That in itself is usually good enough reason for many to join their local oil club but there are many other benefits to joining an oil club:


Bulk buying means that deliveries are scheduled together on a regular basis, so the number of trucks coming into your local area can be significantly reduced. Instead of one truck making deliveries to five individuals three or four times a year, with Heating Oil Clubs one truck can deliver to many individuals at once, reducing the carbon footprint and the heavy vehicle traffic through the local community.

A free reminder:

We will contact you before your oil club deliveries are due, either by text, email or a phone call to ask if you wish to place an order with your group. This helpful service will ensure that you don’t forget to order or run too low!

Ease of ordering and flexibility:

Buying oil in a group is easy. You can order your oil online 24 hours a day in a few simple clicks, reply to our reminder texts confirming the quantity required or you can speak to our friendly and helpful staff by calling our Oil Club hotline.

No fees or contracts:

There are no strings attached to being part of our oil club. You are not obligated to order each time we are doing the deliveries and can opt out at any time. You can also order out with the oil club schedule if you can’t wait until the next delivery.

How do I join an oil club?

You can join your local Oil Club by clicking below or speak to our Oil Club team.


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