Stonehaven Oil Club

Stonehaven Oil Club

    Stonehaven Oil Club is an oil buying group in Stonehaven. The oil club offers lower oil prices and many benefits to its members and the local Stonehaven community.

    Stonehaven Oil Club

    The Oil Club in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire is one of Johnston Oils Oil Clubs. It offers members lower prices on heating oil and a range of benefits to the local community. You can join online in just a few clicks today. The club is open to new members, so you are welcome to join today. As a member, it is easy to make an order whenever you need more oil for your home in Stonehaven. The prices of buying through the Stonehaven Oil Club group are always lower than individual orders. Why? Johnston Oils can save on transport and administration when more people make orders together, and those savings are passed on directly to our members. And when fewer trucks are needed to deliver the oil, both the environment and the local community benefit from reduced heavy traffic through the Stonehaven area. Great for you, great for the environment!

    Another reason to join the Stonehaven Oil Club today is the innovative Community Cashback loyalty program. This is designed to give back to the community. Every time members buy oil through the Stonehaven Oil Club, they earn Community Cashback of 1p per litre of oil purchased. This cashback is collected by the club, and when there are sufficient funds the oil club members decide on a local community project or initiatives which will receive the money from Johnstons Oil. It’s another great way of giving back to the community, so join Stonehaven Oil Club online today and start saving and sharing with your community.

    About Stonehaven

    On Scotland’s north-eastern coastline in the county of Aberdeenshire, Stonehaven town has been around since the Iron Age. Today, over 12,000 people live in Stonehaven, which is situated on the coast with a picturesque and busy working harbour. Connections to the sea are rife in Stonehaven, and there are many opportunities to explore the sea and coast from a base here. Visit the Tolbooth Museum for a glimpse into the history of the town and nearby villages. Just south of Stonehaven lies the majestic Dunnottar Castle, perched high on imposing cliff tops. Dunnottar is not the only castle in the area –Fetteresso Castle and Muchalls Castle are privately owned, while the ruins of Cowie Castle lie near Cowie beach just north of the town centre. Here you can also find the popular Stonehaven open air pool, an outdoors heated pool which is a rarity in Scotland. Stonehaven is also famous for the lively Hogmanay celebrations, where an ancient fireballs ceremony designed to ward off evil spirits is central in the festivities. Stonehaven has regular trains from the Stonehaven Railway Station, and good road connections with north and south via the A90.

    About the Stonehaven Oil Club

    The popular Stonehaven Oil Club saves members hundreds of pounds every year. Johnston Oils have regular deliveries to Stonehaven every 4-6 weeks. Members contribute to the local community by collecting cashback with every litre of oil they order through the club. Join the oil club in Stonehaven today by registering online now or call Johnston Oils on 01506 656535 to start your membership over the phone.

    Recent updates from Stonehaven Oil Club

    Stonehaven benefits from regular deliveries of oil from Johnston Oils every 4-6 weeks. Details about upcoming deliveries and all the practical information needed to make an order is in the member section of the website, so join or log in now to get started. Check back on this page to find out more about how much Community cashback the Stonehaven Oil Club has saved, and what community projects the money goes to.

    Map of Stonehaven

    Who can join the Stonehaven Oil Club?

    Anyone living in Stonehaven or the nearby area can become a member of Stonehaven Oil Club. It is fast and easy to join the club online. In just a few clicks you will get access to exclusive offers and member benefits, and find out all about upcoming oil deliveries. You can also call Johnston Oils on 01506 656535 and we’ll help you with your membership.

    Who do I contact about joining the club?

    You can easily join the oil club in Stonehaven online. If you have any questions, we have a useful FAQ page, but if you would like to talk to someone, please contact Johnston Oils on 01506 656535.

    How do I join?

    Joining Stonehaven Oil Club is easy! By clicking on Register, you can join online today. We just need a couple of details about yourself and your property, and then you can start ordering oil at reduced prices through the club. It only takes a couple of minutes to join, and you will start collecting Community Cashback on your very first order!

    Am I tied to a contract with the Stonehaven Oil Club?

    No, there are no binding contracts with the Johnston Oils Oil Club in Stonehaven. You can cancel your membership at any time, and you are not obliged to make your oil orders as part of the club. If you need to top up your tank between group orders, you can just contact Johnston Oils on 01506 656535 to get an individual delivery.

    Did you know?

    The famous Dunnottar Castle saved the Scottish Crown Jewels from destruction by Cromwell’s army. The castle is situated just two miles south of Stonehaven, and has a long and bloody history. There is a nice walking path from Stonehaven to the castle along the clifftops just south of Southaven town harbour. William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots have visited the castle, which is among Scotland’s most popular castle destinations.

    Community and clubs in Stonehaven

    There are a number of clubs and groups in Stonehaven. The active community can join sporting activities, interest groups and member organisation which offer great savings and community benefits, like the Stonehaven Oil Club. With a busy harbour full of yachts, dinghies and other boats, one of the town’s active clubs is the Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club. Other clubs include Stonehaven Canoe Club who have regular weekend and evening paddle sessions, the Mountaneering & Hillwalking Club in Stonehaven, an active Cycling Club which is among the fastest growing cycling clubs in Scotland, and the 18 hole par 66 course offered by Stonehaven Golf Club. One of the oldest radio car clubs in the UK is in Stonehaven, the Stonehaven & District Radio Car Club Stonehaven also has a Rotary club. which meets regularly at Stonehaven Town Hall. Stonehaven Recreation Grounds Club offer facilities like tennis, bowling and putting.

    Community Cashback

    The local oil club in Stonehaven also contributes to improving the community in the town. Every litre of oil bought through the club collects Community Cashback. This translates directly into funds for local projects and community initiatives. The more members in the club, the more everyone saves, so join online to start collecting cashback from the very first order.

    Join the heating oil club in Stonehaven today – to share, earn and save!