Top Ups FAQs


Is my payment the same every month?

Yes, we review our top up customer payments every quarter and only if the price of oil changes or your usage changes will we amend your direct debit. We will only change your direct debit payment after we have been in contact with your first.

Can i pay monthly by cash or cheque?

Unfortunately not, the top up service is designed to be hassle free so customers don’t have to worry about invoices as payments will be requested through their direct debit.

What happens if i run out?

Johnston Oils will try to avoid this happening through a carefully selected annual delivery schedule, however should a run out occur then just give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to get some oil to you within 24 hours.

What if i use more or less, than you predict?

We will review your account every quarter. If you are using more or less than we predicted, we will adjust your monthly payment accordingly. We will always contact you before making any changes to your direct debit.

How can I estimate my annual fuel consumption?

Johnston Oils has their very own Fuel Usage Calculator Tool that you can use to estimate your annual usage. Click here to access the Johnston Fuels Usage Calculator Tool.

Will I pay more for my oil on top up than paying each time I order?

Yes you will pay a little more however, you will have a few benefits when on top ups that not all customers receive:

  • Not wasting your time calling different oil suppliers
  • Comfort in the knowledge that you’re oil deliveries are scheduled for the year and covered in the event of a fuel shortage
  • As a priority customer, should you run out we’ll deliver oil to you within 24 hours
  • Spreading your payments over 12 months opposed to large bills each time you order

Johnston Oils acknowledges that top up services within the oil industry can carry some inflated costs, however we believe in a fair pricing and great service. That is why we’re working hard to maintain a fair pricing model for our top up customers throughout the year.

What happens if oil prices fall or rise?

Oil prices can change every day. The cost of your oil is based on the average of the week’s previous price. This could mean that sometimes you could have a credit or debit on your account. We will send you a statement every quarter to let you know how your account is doing.

Can I set up a top up for my Aga Cooker?

Yes, we have many customers that have a top up schedule for their Aga Cooker. Johnston Oils also offer a range of additives to improve the efficiency of your Aga Cooker, which can be delivered along with your oil.